530 S. Clinton St. 
Syracuse, NY 13202

Phone: 315-396-0473

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Location & Parking

Situated along the elevated railroad tracks running through historic Armory Square, Rail Line offers free, off-street parking with our private lot adjacent to the tracks and venue.  The venue is accessible for people with disabilities and  stairs can be avoided  by entering from the parking level. The entrance ramp to drive up to our lot is located on S. Clinton Street, at the front entrance on the North side of the Clinton Plaza apartment tower. Look for signage for both JC Commons Parking and Rail Line parking. When heading from the North through Armory Square, slow down after passing the W. Jefferson St. intersection and look for flagpoles and signage in front of Clinton Plaza, turn and proceed up the ramp.

Our block on S. Clinton St. is now a 2-way road. If you're coming from the South, the parking ramp is located after you pass our building, at the front entrance of Clinton Plaza apartments, on the North side. Turn left at the signage and proceed UP the ramp to enter our elevated parking lot behind the apartment tower.

Please Note: The parking lot at street-level on the other side of our fence is for Clinton Plaza residents ONLY. Rail Line guests are not permitted to park there and the apartment manager may tow vehicles.

Armory Square offers plenty of parking garages and lots as well. Behind the MOST there is a tunnel entrance to the Trolley Lot. Near the tunnel entrance look for the stairs next to the old train station and take the stairs up to our parking lot and building.